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Video Blogs - Vlogs - Colin Harris

Colin Harris Website Development Video BlogA series of Video Blogs or Vlogs on topics around Website Design, Development, SEO and Internet Technology. Owner Colin Harris shares his thoughts and advice on a range of current topics - any comments or suggestions for future videos please send to

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Video List

#7 Social Media - Why bother? (06 Dec 2013)

Just what is the point of Social Media - why do businesses spend hours on Facebook and Twitter - why bother? Colin Harris helps to explain why. Link to Full Script.

#6 Market to your customers now for free for ever (29 Nov 2013)

There is a free, simple way to connect with and market to your customers on a regular basis which involves a little of your time. Colin Harris explains more. Link to Full Script.

#5 Why on earth would you want a website? (22 Nov 2013)

Colin Harris asks "Why on earth would you want a website?" With the perceived hassle and cost, why does anyone bother?  Link to Full Script.

#4 Mistakes in Website Budgeting (13 Nov 2013)

Common mistakes when setting a budget are discussed by Colin Harris with some real world help and advice in getting your budget right for a new website project.  Link to Full Script.

#3 SEO – what you need to know (13 Nov 2013)

Colin Harris gives a simple overview of what you need to know and look out for in the field of SEO - Search Engine Optimisation.  Link to Full Script.

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